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Early-AOC - Assimilable Organic Carbon Test

Not all organic compounds present in water support microbial growth. Hence, it is important to be able to quantitatively measure the levels of biodegradable (or assimilable, utilizable) organic matter. Various chemical parameters such as total or dissolved organic carbon (TOC, DOC) proved inadequate for this purpose.

The Early-AOC test enables water utilities, process water quality controllers, and supervising organizations to better protect public health. The test provides early warning of potential bacterial regrowth and biofouling build up due to the presence of nutrients in the water. It provides the means to measure in near real-time the levels of readily available organic carbon in drinking water sources. Acquiring this vital information would enable the water utility provider to take timely preventative action to avoid bacterial regrowth, optimally organize its disinfection program and reduce the presence of excess toxic Disinfection By Products (DBPs).