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AquaVerity is a revolutionary, early warning biomonitoring system that continuously detects contamination events and issues real-time alerts to drinking water utilities and municipalities. AquaVerity can significantly reduce the threats and risks associated with spills, accidents, equipment malfunctions and natural disasters, as well as those caused by security breach, sabotage and terror attacks.
AquaVerity performs continuous monitoring of water at various points in the water distribution network, sending immediate alerts regarding dangerous changes in drinking water quality due to contamination. Enabling comprehensive coverage of large areas, the system is exceptionally sensitive to very low concentrations of a wide range of contaminants, and provides reliable and consistent results. AquaVerity requires minimal set up time, maintenance and on-site visits, making it the most cost-effective solution on the market.

Composed of several units - located at monitoring stations throughout the water distribution system, and seamlessly integrated with the SCADA system - AquaVerity solution is composed of the following key components:

Continuous Contamination Biomonitor (CCB)
Portable Contamination Biomonitor
Control & Analysis Software (CAS)
Support Implementation Service (SIS)