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CCB-TOX is an on-line continuous contamination bio-monitor that detects chemical contamination events, and issues real time alerts to drinking water utilities and related organizations. CCB-TOX can be deployed in monitoring stations positioned at strategic locations from water sources through treatment facilities down to community reservoirs or tanks.

CCB-TOX is a key element of AquaVerityCheckLight’s comprehensive early warning solution.

CCB-TOX is based on breakthrough state of the art verified technology based on natural non-pathogenic luminous bacteria uses as living sensors.

Located at monitoring stations throughout the water distribution system, and coupled with CheckLight’s Portable Contamination Biomonitors (CCB-TOX), CheckLight’s CCB’s enable an effective coverage of drinking water systems, together with the ability to pinpoint the boundaries of a contamination event, and trace contamination sources. Seamlessly integrated with other monitors and sensors as well as existing SCADA systems.

Can be used by water companies & utilities, health and environmental supervising & monitoring authorities, municipal water system authorities, hospitals, military bases, etc.