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TOX-SCREEN3 - Toxicity Test

TOX-SCREEN3 provides an early warning of dangerous water contamination events due to spills, accidents, sabotage or terrorism. Enables water utilities. health and environmental supervising & monitoring authorities, municipal water system entities, research labs, etc. to better protect public health.

With TOX-SCREEN3, routine monitoring of changes in water quality in surface and ground water sources is available via a simple, easy-to-use, effective method.

TOX-SCREEN3 is able to detect “active” toxic compounds / mixtures, not identified by classical analysis.

Best suited for routine lab testing, TOX-SCREEN3 provides rapid and highly sensitive detection of a wide range of acute and chronic toxic agents including: respiratory inhibitors, phosphorganic agents, chlorinated hydrocarbons, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, PCB's, BTEX, arsenate, nitrite and more.

TOX-SCREEN3 is based on the ETV-verified technology - and is a part of CheckLight’s AquaVerity – the comprehensive solution for ensuring drinking water safety.