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CheckLight’s solutions are based on breakthrough proprietary bioluminescence - based technology. CheckLight utilizes non-pathogenic luminescent marine bacteria as sensitive biosensors - Biological monitoring (or biomonitoring) that can rapidly indicate changes in water quality.

CheckLight’s ground-breaking technology has produced bioassays that enable long term storage, are highly sensitive to very low concentrations of a wide range of contaminants and provide highly reliable and consistent results, within minutes and can be stored for long periods. CheckLight has succeeded in simplifying the bioassay by providing user-friendly products that can be easily used in either the field or laboratory setting.

CheckLight supplies its customers with innovative methods, testing kits and continuous & automatic biomonitors for early warning of drinking water contamination. CheckLight’s solutions are used as critical components of contamination warning systems to detect, as early as possible, a wide range of contaminating sources in drinking water, as well as the potential for bacterial re-growth.

Founded in 2001 by Dr. Nirit Ulitzur, CheckLight Ltd. is a private company, based in Israel. Since its foundation CheckLight has engaged extensively in developing and marketing technologies for drinking water quality testing applications. In early 2008 WhiteWater, a leading Israeli water technologies company, became a strategic investor in CheckLight.

CheckLight’s technologies are based on the scientific work carried out by Professor Shimon Ulitzur, a world renowned expert in the field of marine bioluminescence who has dedicated over thirty years to Researching the field.

Company milestones:

1. Established in 2001.
2. ToxScreen - water toxicity test technology - was verified by the USEPA-ETV in 2003, 2006.
3. Received R&D grant from the Israeli Chief Scientist Office to develop its novel continuous biomonitoring technology in 2007.
4. Raised first round of financing from strategic partner, Whitewater Technologies Group in 2008.
5. Chosen by the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection to supply emergency water testing kits to the earthquake stricken region of Sichuan in 2008.
6. Water test kits were used to protect drinking water sources in various cities during the Olympic Games in Beijing, 2008.
7. Chosen as one of the top 50 start up water companies by the ArtemisTM Project competition in 2009.