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TOX-SPOT – On Site Toxicity Test

TOX-SPOT is a portable test kit that enables water utilities and supervising organizations to better protect public health.

TOX-SPOT provides early warning of dangerous water contamination in emergency situations due to spills, accidents, sabotage or terrorism. TOX-SPOT enables rapid on site screening to determine changes in water quality in raw and treated drinking water sources and remote locations throughout the distribution network.

The tests can be used by emergency response teams, water companies, health and environmental supervising & monitoring authorities, municipal water system authorities, military units, etc.

Specially designed for field operation, TOX-SPOT provides very rapid and highly sensitive detection of a wide range of acute toxic agents including: respiratory inhibitors, phosphorganic agents, chlorinated hydrocarbons, heavy metals, antibiotics, herbicides. pesticides, PCB's, BTEX, arsenate, nitrite and more.

TOX-SPOT is based on the ETV-verified technology — ToxScreen and is a part of CheckLight’s AquaVerity – the comprehensive solution for ensuring drinking water safety.