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Why Do We Should Legalize Cannabis?

Cannabis is considered as an illegal substance in many countries such as Philippines, South Korea, Indonesia and similar states and they are staunch in eradicating this substance because it is considered as a drug rather than as an alternative medicine. This article will discuss the different benefits of using cannabis in different ailments and why it should be legalized.

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What is cannabis?

Cannabis is a depressant drug that is harvested from hemp plants. This drug contains delta-9-tetrahydro-cannabidinol or THC whick brings a euphoric sensation to its users and changes their mood.

What are the health benefits of cannabis?

Cannabis can be used as alternative medicine compared to supplement drugs that contain a lot of artificial chemicals. Cannabis is often used for recreational purposes but it is beneficial for those who suffer from mental illness such as ADHD, depression, anxiety and epilepsy that can calm them down in case of panic attacks, seizures and unhealthy thoughts because of its downer side effects

Cannabis can also be used on other ailments such as:

Keep in mind to use cannabis in moderation to avoid cognitive side effects such as shorter memory process

Cannabis are usually used by smoking it but this can cause harm to the respiratory system. Good thing is that there are alternatives to use cannabis such as oil extracts known as cannabidiol oil or also known as CBD.

CBD is an herbal extract from the hemp that is surely safe to be consumed by all ages particularly for the kids since it does not bring harm to other system unlike smoking marijuana through a bong or directly smoking from it

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